I'm an interdisciplinary data scientist working at the intersection of quantitative social science, technology and the built environment. 

My one passion is to build better communities. I love cities, communities and Human computer interaction. I build better interactions for complex systems. I’ve helped make servicessoftware, smart cities and strategic plans in Upstate New YorkHarvard, London, SoCal and NYC  ... and a few more things.

I am a postgraduate student and US-UK Fulbright Scholar at MIT, where I am interested in the mathematical modeling of human mobility and its applications to climate change in cities. Alongside my studies, I am cofounding a UNICEF-backed venture called AQAI delivering hyperlocal air pollution models for governments, industry and humanitarian orgs using machine learning. I was previously a research scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK's National Institute for AI and Data Science.

I studied the Quantitative Geography with Study Abroad  program at the University of Bristol and completed a sabbatical abroad at the University of California.


What’s on my desk?

Geographic machine learning to predict  accessibility for ethnic minorities in LA. Interfaces for seeing social network dynamics within guardianship communities in east London. Human-Robot interaction through real-world playing using computer vision.  Geo-semantic research networks exploring the geographic extent of UCSB PhD research. A new venture building AI-powered modular pavers as a powerful and cost-effective form of adaptable street infrastructure.

Curious? Check out some of my work:


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